IGM Gantry Welding Crane

For components with a diameter up to 3 metres, maximum 8 meter length. For Butt Welding and Cladding of large components.


Two production lines/
welding lines

Hotwiretig for large pipes up to 16 metres.


Fronius ETR Welding Crane

Cladding Machine with rotating head, vertical and horisontal with integrated outlets for heating elements (PWHT). Capacity up to 7000 kg.


Hydraulic Bewel machines

For machining narrow gap and V bevels in demanding materials and thicknesses.


SAF Oerlikon Gantry, Plasma/Hotwiretig Welding Crane

SAF Oerlikon Gantry, Plasma/Hotwiretig Welding Crane Performs Plasma/Tig welding in all joint types of pipes.


Heat threatment equipment

Oven L 1500 mm x W 1500 mm x H 1500mm, plenty of equipment for local heating treatment (PWHT).


Welding machines in general

Tig machines, pipe thread machines, puls mig etc.


CNC Controlled Saws

Capacity of up to 640 mm x 1000 mm.


Water Jet Cutting machine

Five axis cutting head with the possibility of tensioning of pipes. Maximum thickness 100 mm.

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